manufacturing_01 Our manufacturing safety services team works with industrial facilities and manufacturing operations to provide the most contemporary safety services in the market today. Our manufacturing safety service team provides services in the areas of:

Our manufacturing safety services team will deliver the customized, flexible; safety services you need to protect your employees, reduce losses and insurance costs, ensure compliance with federal and state worker-safety rules, and protect your hard-earned reputation.

We have a diverse staff of manufacturing safety consultants that bring extensive experience to every situation to address your unique needs. Safety Management Group has proven itself to be a safety advising resource that is large enough to ensure full-time coverage for clients of all sizes.

If a company has recently had a major incident, Safety Management Group can investigate the incident and identify the root cause, as well as provide the necessary training to prevent future incidents.

Additionally, we can conduct safety perception surveys in which workers provide anonymous feedback to identify areas of concern, or help its clients develop their own written safety standards, policies, procedures and training programs based on regulatory requirements.

We built a solid reputation throughout the U.S. by delivering proven, practical solutions to safety challenges in industrial and construction activities since 1996. To learn more, call us at 800-435-8850. Contact us today to explore our capabilities and partner with a contemporary and progressive professional safety services company.

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