SMG provides solutions for healthcare hazard control and safety management for health systems and facilities.


SMG’s history in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry began nearly 30 years ago. Our first two anchor clients – the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the U.S. and one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Midwest – began partnering with us in 1991. These companies saw a need to improve their environmental, health and safety (EHS) program, and engaged SMG to develop a multifaceted safety management system.

These partnerships still exist today and are a testament to SMG’s continual drive toward reducing risk and improving safety.

SMG’s healthcare and pharmaceutical safety advisors have extensive experience in developing EHS plans. Our team will support the compliance with regulatory agencies such as FDA and Joint Commission, along with applicable OSHA and Life Safety requirements.

Through safety assessments and gap analysis by our team, SMG will effectively support the safety management of client operations, construction projects and facility maintenance by right-sizing the EHS support to fit your needs.

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SMG Healthcare & Pharma

SMG’s healthcare and pharma specialists have extensive experience in developing environmental, health, and safety, (EHS) plans. Our team will ensure you comply with OSHA’s regulatory requirements, effectively managing construction projects, and support necessary facility maintenance.

Our professional team can assess staff knowledge and determine training needs. We also conduct facility audits and prepare practical corrective action plans for observed deficiencies, incident investigations, and the development of EHS plans, policies, and procedures.

Safety trainer at work assisting a facility manager to ensure proper practices.


• EHS Support Staffing • Contractor Safety
• Laboratory Safety • Acquisition Transition Assessment • Environmental Support
• Machine Guarding Assessments
• Lockout/Tagout Assessments
• Lab Vendor Risk Assessments and Onboarding • Vendor Escorting • Loss Control for Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) • Pilot Plant Safety • Permit Writing
• Infection Control • Above Ceiling/Barrier Penetration Management

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