Is Your Substance Abuse Program Still Effective?

It has been a long time since substance abuse programs became a normal part of the workplace. From random drug testing to Employee Assistance Programs, employers have made drug- and alcohol-free workplaces a key goal — and their efforts are clearly paying off. In my time in the safety field, I have never had to deal with a worker whose …

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Customer Service Triumphs – November 2018

Larry Moffett was recognized for a CST on November 9th … Larry provides contractor oversight and safety support for one of our utility clients in Abilene, TX. He was recently asked to fill in for the client Superintendent in his territory and lead a monthly safety call. The purpose of this call is for the client construction representatives to have …

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Staying Alert About Fatigue

Some time back, an airline pilot was making the familiar approach to Washington’s National Airport. As always, the approach controller handed him off to the airport’s tower controller. While the plane continued to descend, the pilot radioed his position to the tower, and waited for a reply. He didn’t receive one, so he tried again. And again. Realizing that something …

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Someone Has Been Hurt: What Next?

Jordan Hollingsworth, CSP, CHST, CUSP It’s the news that every supervisor and safety representative dreads: someone calls or rushes into the office to let you know that someone on your worksite has been hurt. Beyond affecting the health of your employee, the steps you take next will determine whether your company has complied with workplace safety regulations and may even protect …

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The Most Effective Way to Verify Contractor Compliance

Your company has a healthy safety culture with excellent buy-in from your leadership team. Your prequalification program does a great job of screening prospective contractors to make sure they meet all your safety standards. Now how do you make sure that the safety-related activities that are supposed to happen on your jobsite actually do, and that the contractors’ crews operate …

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Customer Service Triumphs – October 2018

Shawn Decker & Chas Burtchett were recognized for a CST on October 10th … Shawn and Chas have been providing Environmental oversight for one of our utility clients covering a wide territory throughout Indiana and Michigan. The client Environmental Manager recently spent some time with Shawn and Chas and was sure to praise their efforts to their Manager. She complimented …

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Safeguarding machinery to prevent injuries

Generally speaking, every type of industrial machinery can be broken down into three basic elements, each of which may include many parts. First, there’s the point of operation, which is the location where the machine’s primary function is performed. Second is any part of the power transmission process, which connect the source of energy to the components that actually perform …

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Customer Service Triumphs – September 2018

Justin Cox was recognized for a CST on September 6th … Justin was asked by the client HSE to conduct a review of confined spaces and report back on their condition. The HSE was very impressed with Justin and the detailed results of his findings which identified a labeling issue that existed across the entire site. When the client reviewed …

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4 Steps to Spill Response

Like fire, chemicals are very useful for a broad variety of functions. But just like fire, many chemicals are inherently hazardous or even deadly when they’re not used in a properly controlled manner, or when accidents occur. That’s an important fact to remember, because chemicals are used to some degree at nearly every workplace from industrial plants, to laboratories, to …

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importance of cleanliness

Coming clean about eyewash stations

People in a wide range of industrial and scientific settings handle corrosive and other potentially hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. From solutions used in industrial processes to basic cleaning solutions, these chemicals serve important roles in performing a wide variety of tasks. Recognizing the potential danger, most workers treat these chemicals with the respect they deserve, and accidents are …

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