SMG consistently achieves remarkable safety outcomes, significantly surpassing industry standards. Our approach has resulted in maintaining Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) that are consistently 2.5 times lower than industry average, reflecting a sustained commitment over five years.   

Achieving a 2.5x Safer Workforce  

 SMG’s integrated safety management solution is instrumental in reaching and maintaining these lower TRIR rates. By offering a wide range of services tailored to address all aspects of safety management, from risk assessment to safety training and regulatory compliance, SMG ensures that companies are exceeding industry standards for safety. 

Our experience indicates that clients who fully embrace our integrated solution experience the most significant improvements in their safety metrics. This comprehensive engagement ensures that all potential safety concerns are addressed, resulting in a robust safety culture and significantly lower TRIR rates compared to those who might only engage with select components of the program.

Integrated Safety Management Solution Key Components

  • Consulting & Assessments: We get to know your business, utilizing our SMG Insights division to conduct data-driven evaluations that uncovers both obvious risks and subtle nuances that could lead to safety concerns. This service offers a comprehensive look into your operational safety practices, providing a clear roadmap to enhance safety outcomes and compliance. 
  • On-Site Safety Services: Onsite safety expertise is invaluable as it provides immediate guidance in critical situations, reducing accidents and maintaining a robust safety culture. SMG’s ProSolutions team offers experienced safety advisors who work directly onsite. Having “boots on the ground” ensures safety standards are upheld, risks are minimized, and your safety culture remains strong.  
  • EHS Technology: Informed decision-making is critical for CEOs and project owners alike. Our VERO contractor safety software provides comprehensive data insights that empower you to make strategic safety decisions based on facts. SMG utilizes the VERO framework to gather and analyze data, providing you with actionable insights to support safety initiatives and enhance overall safety performance.  

Supporting Safety Services 

  • Training and Development: Prioritizing training and development is essential to maintain a safe work environment. Well-trained workers and management are better equipped to prevent accidents. SMG University offers extensive training programs that equip your teams with the knowledge and skills needed for a safer work environment, emphasizing continuous learning and skill enhancement.  
  • Safety Readiness: Flexibility in safety services is essential to adapt to ever-changing project requirements. It allows for timely responses to emerging safety concerns and ensures continuous compliance. SMG’s OnDemand safety services, including site inspections, incident investigations, and more, are designed to adapt to evolving needs, providing efficient and effective safety support.  
  • Environmental Safety: SMG’s Environmental expertise extends its safety services to encompass environmental considerations, guaranteeing that your projects align with sustainability and environmental regulations.  

Embrace a Safer Future 

Your unwavering commitment to safety can redefine the future of your projects. Partner with SMG and allow our comprehensive safety services to guide you toward achieving not just safety excellence, but also a workplace where safety is ingrained in every aspect of your operations. 

While we encourage clients to embrace the holistic approach of our Integrated Solution, we understand that every project and organization has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer flexibility and can meet you wherever you are in your project journey. Whether you choose a tailored combination of these services to create a customized safety plan or opt for specific one-off services, our goal remains constant: to support your safety initiatives and enhance your safety performance. 

Together, let’s transform safety from a priority into a tangible reflection of your business’s values and unwavering commitment to excellence. Reach out to us today.