Safety Management Group’s Insights department isn’t a team that just walks through a jobsite or gives a presentation and then leaves you to fend for yourself. It serves as your company’s safety net for the long haul, growing stronger and more supportive as your business evolves.

“The Insights team is the most unique part of SMG because we’re always looking ahead and figuring out what we can do next for our clients,” said Insights team member Floyd Campbell.

In addition to expanding and improving upon a company’s existing safety procedures, Insights is unique in how it can start from the ground up and build a safety-conscious culture for a business, helping it develop a set of core beliefs and values to serve as its foundation. (The timeline below shows the extensive level of thorough safety implementation and monitoring SMG Insights can provide over the course of a year.)

SMG Insights Assessments Timeline

An Extension of Your Team

Rather than a third-party or “outside” safety consultant, the Insights group is intended to be an integral part of a company’s team.

“Instead of hiring a full-time safety and health manager, you can access our full scope of expertise and advisors on a part-time, flexible basis through an OnDemand subscription,” Campbell said. “You’ll have hundreds of safety professionals at your disposal for a fraction of a full-time safety professional’s salary.”

Through the subscription service, SMG advisors will:

  • Verify contractor programs are implemented properly (e.g., field audits, training verifications, process verifications, focused audits)
  • Conduct incident investigations on behalf of the owner
  • Manage loss control and claims management assistance
  • Participate in HSE pre-planning activities
  • Provide contractor qualification and orientation
  • Train and develop your team
  • Collect and present contractor program metrics to owner management

The Insights team was founded on the idea that safety management is an ongoing, ever-changing process with new risk factors arising in businesses all the time. As new dangers emerge, Insights members conduct research on how to mitigate them and then extend that information to clients. By staying up to date with the latest safety issues in the workforce, SMG Insights aims to provide creative, innovative, flexible, and customized safety services, solutions, products and capabilities.

SMG University

In turn, Insights keeps clients updated and ready to adapt through SMG University, going beyond what some call the “check-the-box nature of safety compliance” or the “death by PowerPoint” style of a safety orientation.

“We go a step further and think, ‘Let’s put a training trailer together and pull that around with hands-on training activities. Or let’s go virtual and develop a learning management system,’” Campbell explained. “It’s all about ongoing education and creating a continuous learning environment rather than just giving a presentation once a year.”