Building an effective safety program is paramount to operational success. This is especially true for construction companies. It takes time, commitment, and continuous evaluation to truly reduce risks and build a safety culture for your organization.

If you’ve been charged with improving your construction company’s safety program and aren’t sure where to start or what processes to use, it could be helpful to outsource specialized expertise.

Construction safety specialists can help you establish priorities and develop solutions designed to enhance the specific needs of your safety program. They can also help roll out safety training programs essential to growth and continuous improvement. 

Identifying a consulting partner with experience in your industry can help build programs and systems that promote safe behaviors. You may also want to be sure your chosen team has the capacity to train and put boots on the ground to manage the program as it grows. 

Safety Management Group (SMG) works with construction companies to build better Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs. Whether you’re creating a complex program designed for OSHA compliance and OSHA standards or you simply need help updating an existing safety manual, the Construction Safety Specialists at SMG have experience working with construction clients to address every aspect of their safety program. 

Let’s dive deeper into how working with a company like SMG can help you get on track to improve your construction safety program.

Construction Safety Specialists Should Understand Your Business

No two safety programs are identical, which is why SMG’s carefully vetted, top-notch Construction Safety Specialists immerse themselves in your business. We seek to understand and analyze current policies within your safety program and determine how to implement the best practices possible for your business moving forward.

With a flexible, personalized approach, SMG offers the right construction safety solutions for your company because we take the time to understand the unique needs of your industry.

Regular Safety Training Enhances Any Program 

One area most often lacking in a safety program is ongoing training. Consider partnering with a construction safety specialist firm that offers a complete catalog of training opportunities you can leverage for your team.

From training such as the OSHA 10-hour course designed for entry-level employees in construction, to the OSHA 30-hour course designed for supervisors or employees with additional safety responsibilities, training will help grow the professional knowledge needed to maintain a stellar safety record.  

Onsite Services for Construction Safety Help Scale the Program 

A safety program is more than a manual. It is processes that are part of daily actions. It requires people to train, observe and uphold safety standards. If you don’t have safety experts on staff, outsourced safety specialists are a great way to scale your program with a safety presence on job sites and in the field.

OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance Management

Safety specialists can be an especially important resource when OSHA inspectors come knocking. Experienced safety professionals can guide you in managing every aspect of the regulatory inspection process at your job site.

For example, SMG specialists will ensure you have all proper documentation ready before an inspection. Then, following the inspection, they’ll provide a safety order package with detailed information about the inspection, including any citations, fines, and classifications, and advise you whether a follow-up conference with OSHA inspectors would be beneficial.

SMG can also conduct a yearly evaluation to ensure your safety program is primed and ready for OSHA 2023 standards.

Taking the First Steps Toward Improvement

Improving your safety program starts with contacting a partner and provider that can provide support. Get started with a free safety assessment from SMG. We’ll help put you on track toward program improvement. Flexible solutions allow SMG to meet your construction business and its safety program where it is and grow from there.