Trenching and Excavating Safety Training

Trenching and Excavating Safety Course

fall protectionThe Trenching and Excavating Safety Course helps employers and employees comply with the OSHA standards by determining what type of working hazards exist, how to correct them and the responsibilities of the competent person. It also conveys the importance of using the right protective system during excavation work. Participants receive useful reference material, and a wallet-sized certificate of completion from Safety Management Group. This is a “qualified person” course that lasts four hours.

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Our professionals are ready to help with your safety training needs with combinations of lectures, printed and videotapes presentations, web-based programming, and comprehensive follow-up testing. With our flexibility we can provide training weekly, monthly or as needed, and we can bring all of our programs to your site for convenience and less downtime. We’ll also customize training programs for your specific pieces of equipment or operational procedures. For immediate registration and availability check our open enrollment training calendar, for other groups please contact our training team.

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