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ussafetydepotUntil recently, finding a cold weather cut resistant glove made with Dyneema® was a daunting task, as one did not exist. Due to the natural characteristics of Dyneema® fiber, employees often complained that wearing a Dyneema® glove in cold weather actually made their hands colder. This is because until now no additional insulation was provided in a Dyneema® glove and due to the fiber’s characteristics it actually conducts heat away from the hand. This makes a Dyneema® glove, such as the Terminator® Glove by Banom, a great glove in warm weather but a poor glove in cold weather. The only solution until now was to wear two gloves. While this is an acceptable practice, double gloving can add bulk, reduce dexterity, and reduce comfort.

Two such gloves that have hit the market recently are the CUT-LESS Winter Glove made by Majestic and the BDG Winter Dyneema® Glove made by Bob Dale Gloves. These gloves feature a latex palm with crinkle finish and are constructed of Dyneema® and an insulating material. These components combine to provide warmth, cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance in one glove. We’ve been extremely happy with these products as they fill a gap that has been previously unaddressed in hand protection.


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