Process Safety Management (PSM)

If your business processes utilize Process Safety Management (PSM)highly hazardous chemicals, Safety Management Group possesses the expertise to assist with Process Safety Management (PSM) solutions. Strong combinations of technical expertise, management practices and broad employee involvement are necessary to prevent and mitigate accidents involving highly hazardous materials. Safety Management Group recognizes the significance of a solid PSM program to reduce risk and offers basic PSM services within our safety services platform.

Our experienced PSM advisors can assess the state of your PSM program at your facility including compliance to OSHA PSM and EPA Risk Management Plan regulations if applicable. While working with facility management and technical staff, a comprehensive PSM team based gap analysis or compliance audit can be structured and implemented to develop appropriate and organized actions for program improvement of the elements of PSM that include:

Employee Participation
Process Hazard Analysis
Pre-Start Up Safety Review
Mechanical Integrity
Incident Investigation
Trade Secrets
Process Safety Information
Management of Change
Operating Procedures
Hot Work
Contractor Safety
Emergency Plan and Response
Compliance Audit


Additionally, Safety Management Group can provide PSM training, expertise, advice, consultation and solutions suited for your PSM program needs. We can assist your employees with applying new skills to commit to process safety practices, understand hazards, evaluate risks and learn from PSM experiences. These principles strategically incorporated over time build a strong business case for a PSM investment that can improve quality, reduce incident rates and improve long-term safety, environmental, and business performance.

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