Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM)

Construction in healthcare and hospital environments pose dangers not only to the craftsperson, but to hospital staff and patients. Interim Life Safety Measures are health and safety measures that are put in place to protect the safety of patients, visitors, and staff who work in the hospital. In simple terms we are talking about things like exit signs and pathways to an egress point, fire protection systems including smoke detectors, fire suppression, fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems, smoke barriers, emergency evacuation plans, in addition to many other items that contribute to the well being and safety of occupants in the hospital or healthcare facility. Construction or maintenance activities will have an impact on the life safety systems in the hospital, thus requiring an Interim plan to address the deficiencies created by the work activity. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) developed Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) to protect the safety and health of patients by compensating for hazards caused by Life Safety Code deficiencies or construction activity.

In practical terms consider the condition of patients in a hospital environment. There may be people who because of their medical conditions cannot walk, or may even be under anesthesia. If a construction worker causes a fire in an area without sprinkler systems and smoke detectors, the consequences could be very severe.

From the pre-project stage, we assess the risks to life safety, and train your staff and contractor personnel. We study every phase to identify hazards and determine preventive measures. Throughout the project, we audit life safety procedures to verify compliance with both JCAHO policies and your own standards. Once the project is complete, we assess the entire process to make the next project even safer and more efficient. Our staff are dedicated to providing the safest healthcare and hospital construction projects integrated with ILSM. We treat this work as if our own family and children are patients and staff, and take all possible steps to minimize the hazards.

If you have an existing Interim Life Safety Measures program, we can assist you with planning and assessments, or even manage that program for you, freeing up internal staff to serve your mission.

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