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Supervision and Expertise with a Solid Focus on Life Safety.

Our proven methodology helps healthcare organizations with JACHO and OSHA compliance, ensures that there are zero disruptions to patient care and medical operations, and protects them from safety-related losses.

Interim Life Safety Measures

Because construction, renovation, and maintenance healthcare_01activities can compromise life safety codes, we ensure patient, staff and contractor safety – and fulfill JCAHO compliance requirements – through a comprehensive Interim Life Safety Measures program that compensates for deficiencies.

From the pre-project stage, we assess the risks to life safety, and train your staff and contractor personnel. We study every phase to identify hazards and determine preventive measures. Throughout the project, we audit life safety procedures to verify compliance with both JCAHO policies and your own standards. Once the project is complete, we assess the entire process to make the next project even safer and more efficient.

If you have an existing Interim Life Safety Measures program, we can assist you with planning and assessments, or even manage that program for you, freeing up internal staff to serve your mission.

Working with Your Expertise
We work closely with your internal expertise on issues such as infection control, leveraging your staff’s knowledge of your operations to ensure that the safety process is as seamless as possible, and to build staff confidence in the services we provide.

Lowering Construction Costs
When you’re constructing new facilities, we can help you achieve significant cost savings through an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program. For one organization, working with us reduced insurance costs by millions of dollars. At the inception of our program, contractor injury loss per hour worked ran as high as $0.75. As our program matured, that loss dropped as low as $0.01 per hour in some periods, with an average of $0.03/hour.

Protecting Everyone – Especially You
We can ensure safety on all of your projects through our Contractor Safety Management Process, a comprehensive process that provides oversight of everyone on your site – including your team, your contractors, and their subcontractors. In addition to creating a safer environment and verifying that contractors recognize your safety needs, it protects and strengthens your reputation among the general public, and assures regulators that you take safety seriously.

Lending Our Expertise
We built a solid reputation throughout the U.S. by delivering proven, practical solutions to life safety and occupational safety challenges in healthcare facility maintenance, renovation, and construction activities since 1996. To learn more, call us at 800-435-8850.If you would like additional information on how we can partner on a project, please contact us.

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