Managing environmental, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability programs for your business is a complex undertaking. If you don’t have a department of experts assigned to this critical operations effort, finding a reliable EHS partner is essential to success.

An outsourced partner can help your organization:

  • Create and maintain a safety culture.
  • Manage risks effectively.
  • Promote corporate sustainability.

The ideal partner will bring a variety of expertise and experience. They should also provide flexible options for working together to integrate EHS and sustainability into daily life at your business. Find out more about the benefits of choosing this option.

4 Reasons to Find a Partner for Your EHS and Sustainability Program

Consider the advantages of working with an outsourced partner to support and enhance your program.

1. An Outside Perspective is Helpful 

It can be difficult to effectively audit and manage an EHS program from the inside out. A fresh set of eyes and expertise in practical program development and oversight is precisely what many companies need.

Look for a partner that will start by assessing the programs you already have in place. The most reputable providers will not only conduct gap analysis but can also devise an actionable plan to address pitfalls they discover.

Ideally, your consulting partner may also offer onsite services to observe, manage, and implement those recommendations for you. These services are especially important if your safety and environmental programs are lacking dedicated staff to drive the improvements that are found necessary.

2. Manage Compliance

Outsourcing to experts is also a great way to find peace of mind regarding regulatory compliance. Understanding regulations is hard enough but keeping up with changes and standards is a full-time job. Leave these important details to an expert.

An effective partner will stay apprised of current regulations and actively support your business in maintaining and documenting compliance. Their in-depth knowledge and support will keep regulation details off your mind so you can focus on other efforts.  

3. Provide Usable Data 

Documentation is an excellent example of data collection’s critical role in a comprehensive EHS and sustainability program. Logging and managing certifications, training documents, insurance, and work hours are all closely connected to your ability to be compliant, measure performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Data management is another area where an outsourced partner can provide solutions. Partners that offer software tools and automation plans may be preferable.   

4. Provide Options for Ongoing Training 

A proactive approach to managing an EHS and sustainability program requires ongoing training options for your team. Workplace safety and sustainability efforts can only be effective when the people executing the work feel equipped to operate safely and understand how they impact the environment.

When your team is appropriately trained, they can confidently approach their work! A safety culture starts with training and grows through continued educational opportunities. 

Consider Working with SMG  

Safety Management Group (SMG) professionals work with businesses to assess EHS programs and provide valuable insights. Any findings are also met with solutions to help move your program forward. We can also work with you to manage and implement program enhancements.

SMG Advisors have an average of 9 years of field experience and are available to work onsite to integrate programs effectively. These experts are certified and experienced in environmental and safety protocols related to various industries, including construction, utilities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.

SMG understands the value of streamlined data! We created a unique software solution designed to help collect and utilize data to its full potential. VERO data management software offers customizable dashboards and measures to help your program narrow in on the data points you need. 

We also offer various training programs online and in a classroom setting. Our mobile training facility can even come to you. Whether through prepackaged programs to satisfy standard OSHA requirements or highly customized training designed around your operations, our EHS education professionals are ready to help. 

With a reliable partner like SMG, managing your EHS and sustainability efforts can be handled for you to realize these benefits:

  • Reduce risks.
  • Improve your overall employee and customer trust.

You’ll feel confident knowing you have skilled resources to maintain compliance, train your people well, and acquire the data to prove the effectiveness of your efforts. Not sure how to get started? Book an appointment for an initial needs assessment, and let us help you evaluate the next steps.