An OSHA safety audit can be costly and stressful. As an organization that prioritizes safety, preparedness is the only option. But, knowing how to best prepare for an OSHA audit can be difficult.

  • How do you improve your safety programs?
  • What even needs to be addressed?
  • What are potential blind spots you’ve missed looking from the inside out?

A gap analysis from an outside perspective may be the place to start to help answer these critical questions. Let’s take a closer look at the starting point for supporting your OSHA Safety Compliance Program.

Why a Gap Analysis to Prepare for an OSHA Safety Audit?

A gap analysis can help you identify areas where your safety program has potential pitfalls. 

For example, the gap analysis performed by Safety Management Group (SMG) includes a review and evaluation of a complete 360-degree look at your safety program.

  • We ask questions, make observations, and analyze written procedures.
  • We develop a holistic understanding of your workplace safety program and its elements.
  • We look closely at where there are areas of concern around OSHA compliance.
  • We provide a detailed audit report.
  • We provide a plan for corrective action.

Change starts with this kind of in-depth assessment and a road map toward improvement. For more than 30 years, SMG has been helping clients in the construction industry identify areas where their EHS program may need improvement to keep their people safe and to be OSHA compliant.

SMG knows how to conduct a comprehensive program evaluation and offers great insight into achieving compliance. In addition to deep expertise around OSHA requirements, our team understands what it takes to develop and implement real-world solutions that are proven to work.

  • Our experience allows us to offer practical approaches that are as simple as possible to implement and, most importantly, proven to work. 

The value of regular program evaluations is measurable and real. Identifying potential pitfalls and taking corrective action before an OSHA audit will increase workplace safety and save a vast amount of money.

Compliance counts. OSHA fines are no joke and can greatly impact the bottom line. There’s no time to waste. Consider these three reasons why you should engage the SMG team to perform a safety gap analysis for your business.

1. SMG’s Safety Processes are Proven

With 30 years of experience in the creation and implementation of safety solutions, SMG is proud to serve our customers with a complete scope of services that span from assessments and analysis to total program management and training.

We even offer automation with our VERO Data Management System, our turnkey contractor safety data management platform that integrates everything you need to manage and document safety programs.

2. OSHA Compliance is One of Our Areas of Expertise 

SMG’s safety professionals can help companies manage compliance and prepare for OSHA audits by performing a gap analysis and working inside or alongside your organization to implement necessary changes.

Not only can our experts assist in developing written safety practices, policies, and procedures, but we can also provide training and implement processes designed to uphold standards set forth.

3. SMG Offers a Network of 250+ Safety Professionals

When you work with SMG, you gain access to a single point of contact to manage your program, making it easy and convenient for you to outsource. But you also get access to our entire team’s expertise and real-world experience.

As your needs shift, or if you need a specialist in a particular industry or area of service, we’ve got you covered.

Schedule an Assessment Before Your Next OSHA Safety Audit

SMG offers a free needs assessment. We’ll get to know your business, understand your current EHS program, and work with you to outline a compliance approach. The time to assess and improve your safety program is before an OSHA safety audit. Get started with a gap analysis from SMG today. We’re here to support your safety program.