Customer Service Triumphs – September 2018

Justin Cox was recognized for a CST on September 6th …

Justin was asked by the client HSE to conduct a review of confined spaces and report back on their condition. The HSE was very impressed with Justin and the detailed results of his findings which identified a labeling issue that existed across the entire site. When the client reviewed corrective measures to fix the labeling, which would have resulted in a costly fix, Justin helped provide alternative solutions that in the end saved the client a significant amount of money.

Outstanding job Justin!

Luke Brigance was recognized for a CST on September 7th…

Luke Brigance has been working for a utility client in the Ohio Valley territory for over two years providing safety oversight for the contractors. Luke has done a great job and continues to impress the client Construction Superintendent and contractors on his projects. The client Construction Superintendent said, “he plans to keep Luke around for a long time.”

Congratulations Luke on all your success!

Josh Swisher was recognized for a CST on September 18th…

Josh recently provided Bloodborne Pathogen training for a county department of over 175 employees from the Sheriff’s Department, Parks Department, Juvenile Detention Center and Medical Examiner’s Department.

Everyone had a lot of great things to say about Josh, especially the Risk Management Coordinator who said, “I just want to say how pleased I am to have met such an energetic, engaging and knowledgeable individual such as Mr. Swisher! Joshua was so confident in his presentation to the staff during all 9-sessions, he stayed consistent and presented very well. The staff really enjoyed him. Thanks again, I appreciate all of your help and I expect I may be reaching out to you again in the near future. I’m already receiving request for a make-up session for those who were not able to attend. Have a wonderful day!”

Wow, what awesome feedback! Huge thanks for your efforts Josh!

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