Customer Service Triumphs – October 2018

Shawn Decker & Chas Burtchett were recognized for a CST on October 10th …

Shawn and Chas have been providing Environmental oversight for one of our utility clients covering a wide territory throughout Indiana and Michigan. The client Environmental Manager recently spent some time with Shawn and Chas and was sure to praise their efforts to their Manager. She complimented them on how responsive they are to requests and that they both go the extra mile for client needs.

Thank you, Shawn and Chas, keep up the excellent work!

Ryan Graft was recognized for a CST on October 10th …

Ryan provides contractor safety support for a large utility client in and around Ft. Wayne. The client leads an internal monthly conference call to review safety topics, but the call can become pretty stagnant over time. Recently, Ryan worked hand in hand with his local client construction representative to facilitate the discussion on the call and help stimulate a productive dialogue. There was a lot of positive feedback from the participants on the call and the client Superintendent who was very appreciative of Ryan’s efforts.

Great job Ryan!

Winston Miller was recognized for a CST on October 10th…

Winston has been working as a client representative at an automotive manufacturing plant in Indiana, providing contractor safety oversight. While working with many people day in and day out, Winston’s hard work and dedication was recognized among the contractors. One contractor safety representative said, “I worked with Winston Miller and I was impressed with his attitude toward safety and his professional manner. I commend him for his dedication.”

Congratulations on your success Winston!

Zach Hankins was recognized for a CST on October 10th…

Zach recently started a project overseeing a large office remodel. Within his first week he has already been noticed by the owner for his outstanding detail in identifying safety issues and avoiding a plant evacuation, due to timely incident reporting.

Great job Zach!

Kristen DuHack was recognized for a CST on October 12th…

Kristen provides administrative support for a team of safety and environmental advisors working for a large utility client. The client Environmental Manager recently visited the Safety Management Group office and complimented Kristen’s attention to detail and positive attitude.

Nice job, Kristen!

Kim Fulford was recognized for a CST on October 12th…

A client in Corpus Christi, TX experienced a serious injury event and needed support with completing the Root Cause Investigation. Kim, who lives in Indiana but was traveling in Ohio to support her client, was asked if she could respond to the client’s request and head to Texas. Kim had already worked her normal schedule that week and was planning to travel home, but she willingly responded and got on a plane the next morning. She completed the investigation and spent a very long day on Friday working and traveling home.

Thank you, Kim for your willingness to always step up and be a team player!

Shannan Watt was recognized for a CST on October 12th…

Shannan provides administrative support to the many Safety Advisors and Managers at Safety Management Group, and they are all so appreciative of her willingness to help with any task even if it’s last minute or after hours.

Thank you, Shannan for all you do!

John Knight and Matt Martin were recognized for a CST on October 12th…

John and Matt both provide safety support on behalf of a global facilities delivery group for a large pharmaceutical company. The client Safety Representative said, “their dedication/responsibility/professionalism has played a key role for success interacting with not only our Project HSE Managers, but also with our PMs.”

John and Matt always step up to ensure the client’s projects are properly supported.

Excellent job!

Curtis Reed was recognized for a CST on October 18th…

Curtis recently spent some extra time with a client representative, giving him a tour and overview of the project that he was working on. Curtis’ attitude and commitment to his work made a positive and lasting impression. While at a career fair, the client representative approached one of Safety Management Group’s Recruiters to provide positive feedback of his recent interaction with Curtis, and said he was impressed with Curtis’ knowledge and professionalism and he was an all-around great guy.

Keep up the great work, Curtis!

David Scarberry was recognized for a CST on October 29th…

David provides contractor safety oversight for a utility client around Indiana. The client Construction Manager of the Indiana and Michigan territory complimented David on his excellent safety observations. He was very appreciative of David’s focus on issues similar to recent incidents and his overall efforts in documenting observations.

Great job, David!

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