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Customer Service Triumphs – November 2018

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Larry Moffett was recognized for a CST on November 9th …

Larry provides contractor oversight and safety support for one of our utility clients in Abilene, TX. He was recently asked to fill in for the client Superintendent in his territory and lead a monthly safety call. The purpose of this call is for the client construction representatives to have a discussion each month on safety topics, incidents, and best practices. This is not normally a role Larry would fill, but he stepped up and did a great job facilitating the conversation.

Nice work Larry!

Reggie Fields was recognized for a CST on November 14th …

Reggie has been providing safety support for a local pharmaceutical company and the client HSE Consultant expressed how appreciative he is for Reggie’s support and he’s thankful Reggie was assigned to his group. Reggie has excellent communication in keeping the team informed and does a great job with how he approaches/handles HSE issues in their area

Thank you, Reggie for your continued high level of support and your attention to detail working with contractors and our client.

Gary Gokey was recognized for a CST on November 14th…

Gary recently performed a safety assessment with a client who is in the early stages of building their own safety program and culture. The client Manager tasked with this was very appreciative of Gary’s support and guidance and had this to say…

“As you know, we had our safety assessment with Gary this past Monday and Tuesday and what an experience it was for me. My background is not safety therefore setting up a safety program here has been a daunting task for me but that has changed since spending those two days with Gary. I feel that I now have a sense of direction on where to begin in building a solid safety program.
Gary was very professional, extremely helpful, informative, thorough, and encouraging. It was my pleasure spending that time with him. (We tried to get him to stay .) I know that we are just beginning but I am so glad that we chose you gentlemen to help us in this endeavor.”

Excellent job Gary!

Rod Smith was recognized for a CST on November 20th…

A local home exterior company reached out for safety support after a tragic accident last year, and Rod was there to offer help and guidance the company was seeking. The client Manager expressed his thanks and said, “I just wanted to take a minute to commend Rod Smith on his support for our safety program. Rod has always helped us with any and all of our needs. Last year we had a tragic accident and Rod came immediately to our assistance and kept everyone calm and got us through the OSHA follow up safely. I can’t thank him enough for that! Thank you for assigning Rod to us and I look forward to working with him and your company in the future.”

Great work Rod!

Winston Miller was recognized for a CST on November 26th…

Winston has done an excellent job providing safety support for his client, the Superintendent wrote Winston’s manager and said, “working construction for 41 years, and as a Superintendent with this company for 19 of those, I have spent a lot of time around safety help. The last couple of weeks I worked with Winston Miller. I had 3 to 5 crews on 2nd shift. We were all glad that they put Winston on our shift. His concerns were reasonable, sensible & all of us respected his decisions. I just wanted to let you know that there are good safety folks in your organization.”

Congratulations Winston on another fine job!

Curtis Reed was recognized for a CST on October 18th…

Curtis recently spent some extra time with a client representative, giving him a tour and overview of the project that he was working on. Curtis’ attitude and commitment to his work made a positive and lasting impression. While at a career fair, the client representative approached one of Safety Management Group’s Recruiters to provide positive feedback of his recent interaction with Curtis, and said he was impressed with Curtis’ knowledge and professionalism and he was an all-around great guy.

Keep up the great work, Curtis!

Brice Bowden, Bradley McMillian, and Maris Karklins were recognized for a CST on November 26th…

Brice, Bradley, and Maris have done a tremendous job representing Safety Management Group and the level of service this company has to offer. They’re efforts have been influential in helping to maintain a positive and lasting relationship with the client, a large automotive manufacturing company, who continues to provide positive feedback on their behalf.

Congratulations Brice, Bradley, and Maris!