Customer Service Triumphs – May, 2018

Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the month of May. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


John Davis was recognized for a CST on 5/2/2018

John has been providing safety support on a project for a local construction firm and recently received positive feedback from the Project Manager after submitting a jobsite observation. John did a great job on site and the Owner was also impressed with the way he managed the audit, discussed safety and valued his work.

Great job, John!


Dwight Lloyd was recognized for a CST on 5/7/18

Dwight has been providing safety support to a large utility client working in the same territory for over 6 years. A former client representative in his territory is now a Project Manager for one of the client’s contractor partners and had some great feedback on Dwight’s approach to safety…

“Dwight – I reviewed the weekly observation report this morning. I can tell from your observations and feedback from the field, that you really care about their safety. I really appreciate everything you do to make our crews better!!”

Nice work, Dwight!


Shannan Watt and Kathy Mannell were recognized for a CST on 5/11/18

Shannan and Kathy are always available to help advisors when needed and do a fantastic job answering any time and expense questions. Kathy has done a great job managing rapidly changing time codes, and Shannan is always there to help with questions related to our new company wide expense program. Their efforts are recognized and appreciated by all team members!

Thank you, Shannan and Kathy!


Curtis Hales was recognized for a CST on 5/14/18

Curtis’ outstanding performance while working at a power plant was recognized from the owner to our client for his detailed work with pre-job planning and attention to detail for safety.

“I just wanted to take a minute to commend Curtis Hales on his performance on the night shift work here the plant. His pre-jobs and his attention to detail have been outstanding, with concentrations on applicable work scope and organizational needs (i.e. line of fire). He has been very proactive in his communication with management, and all of his input has been seen as value added. Overall, I could not ask for a better safety representative to cover our critical work being conducted during night time operations. He makes our site a better and safer working environment for everyone.”

Great job, Curtis!


Curtis Reed, Jeff Jones, and Alex Brooks were recognized for a CST on 5/14/18

Curtis, Jeff and Alex have been providing safety oversight at a local power plant and were recognized for their outstanding performance by the client Site Safety Manager, who even had some recommendations for additional training opportunities.

The jobs that our folks do for our customers allows us continued opportunities. Congratulations Alex, Curtis, and Jeff!


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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