Customer Service Triumphs — May, 2017

June 7, 2017 – Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the month of June. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


Richard Davis was recognized for a CST on May 12th.

Richard has been in West Virginia supporting an Electric-Mechanical HVAC company working at a power plant. The Corporate Safety Director of the HVAC company said, “Richard has done a great job for us at the plant, I’ve heard nothing but good things from both our management as well as the owner. I would definitely like to use him as a Safety Professional in the future if available.”

Great job Richard!


Garret Snyder, Austin Humphrey, Tony Hendrix, Jeff Hineman, Cheryl Miles, Tom McCoy, Gary Volz, Steve Jarvis, and Maurice Walker were recognized for a CST on May 18th.

These advisors have been recognized for their efforts while working on an outage at a generating facility. The client Regional Safety Manager stated that all of these team members on this outage are “A Players” and he would be happy to have them on any project.

Randy Gieseking has received similar feedback about this team and added, “Many of you have provided repeat support and a few of you are new, either way it is a great accomplishment and drives home the most important point of being invited back. Thank you for all the great work!”

We are supporting the owner and contractors on this outage. We are proving that these work methods create a smoother running program. Join me in congratulating our team there!


Vince Plank was recognized for a CST on May 22nd.

Vince went out of his way to support a long-time client, who called at the last minute and asked that an advisor visit a site in Michigan due to a contractor injury.

Vince happened to be about an hour away for another client and did not hesitate to get his client covered. After his visit, the client responded to thank Vince for his expertise in all areas, but was mostly impressed with Vince’s knowledge on confined spaces:

“Thanks Vince. It was a good thing we reviewed the confined space requirements yesterday. When MIOSHA showed up today, they grilled me on that and by the end of the interrogation, were very impressed. The inspector said, “well, clearly you have a handle on this.” So, thanks for lending us your brain!”

Join me in congratulating Vince on another success!


Meg Lefferdink was recognized for a CST on May 24th.

Meg has been working at a project in California, where they have been experiencing hot weather conditions near 100 degrees. The Regional Safety Manager of a crane company on site was very impressed with Meg’s leadership and commitment to safety…

“Our crane operator on the project was experiencing initial signs of heat exhaustion and the A/C in the crane had broken down. Meg took the initiative to remove the operator from his crane and get him to a cool shaded area where he could recover. The operator informed me of the incident and told me how impressed he was with Meg and how concerned she was for his safety. Meg would not allow the operator to leave until she was 100% sure that he recovered. The operator has suffered from heat exhaustion in the past and is extremely sensitive to hot weather conditions.

On behalf of the crane operator and our company, THANK YOU! Meg’s actions surely prevented an injury and speaks highly of your employees and your company’s commitment to the safety of everyone on site.”


Steve Mayo was nominated for a CST on May 25th.

A client Corporate Safety Director shared a success story of Steve’s great efforts when responding to a medical incident on the project:

On Monday May 22nd, the Superintendent experienced a personal medical condition that required immediate attention. Steve Mayo, responded to this incident and managed it completely and effectively from start to finish. Per my understanding, Steve transported the Superintendent to the hospital and stayed with him late into the evening on Monday night to ensure he was given the care needed and to simply be there to support the Superintendent during this difficult time. Following the event, Steve prepared a very detailed report for management highlighting the entire event. Steve’s swift action helped to get the Superintendent the immediate care he needed.

Thank you, Steve, for the compassion you have shown and for the great work!


Nate Hazelwood and Jennifer Jacobi were nominated for a CST on May 25th.

Nate and Jennifer have worked tirelessly to fill several open environmental positions for a client in the past several weeks. These positions in particular are very difficult to fill and as of this week they have filled the final two, bringing the total number of our client’s environmental team members to 20!

Thank you both for the great work! Your efforts are much appreciated and you both make our team better!


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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