Customer Service Triumphs — March, 2018

Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the month of March. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


Rob Shone was recognized for a CST on 3/1/18

Rob provides support for a large pharmaceutical company and is primarily the first person contractors meet before working at the site. Last year alone, Rob had over 6,000 attendees for orientation. Rob provides a clear message to the contractors and explains the culture they are expected to uphold. While this can be a lengthy message, Rob has continued to receive positive feedback on his comment/feedback cards that we provide to each attendee to voluntarily fill out and place in a comment box for both positive and negative feedback.

Nice job Rob! Keep up the great work!


Kim Fulford was recognized for a CST on 3/5/18

A client experienced an accident that required a report to OSHA and they were not certain their safety team could perform a thorough root cause investigation. Kim was called upon to provide this service to the client, she did not even hesitate and began the 10hr drive to the location.

Kim’s attention to detail was absolute, and according to the location manager her interaction with the crew during the interview process was non-threatening and almost nurturing. Because of her efforts, we were able to provide a detailed root cause analysis with contributing factors and corrective actions to OSHA ahead of the deadline. In addition, once the investigation report was reviewed by OSHA they thanked the client for the thoroughness and timeliness of the investigation and had no further requirements other than to report when all the corrective actions were complete.

This is what going the extra mile means and I am very proud to have her on this team.

Great job Kim!


Ron Eastham and Shane Jardine were recognized for a CST on 3/13/18

Ron and Shane were the first of the field staff to begin using our new company-wide paperless expense program. Both acted as testers to help identify best practices within the system, while using the app or the desktop version. They shared what they found worked best which, in turn, will be shared with new users on all teams. All of which was extremely helpful since a few of us have gotten “too close” to the system and needed fresh eyes before we rolled it out to a wider audience.

Ron and Shane proactively offered to act as buddies to their teammates as they begin using this system too.

Thank you, Ron and Shane, for all of your feedback and support as we roll out this system. Your assistance will help streamline our expense process so we can better serve our clients.


Margaret Clark was recognized for a CST on 3/19/18

Within only her first few days on the job, Margaret has received positive feedback from the client Field Rep. thanking her for her excellent work on her daily observation report.

She is already making an impact on safety and being recognized by the client. Great job Margaret!


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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