Customer Service Triumphs — March, 2017

smg_logoApril 6, 2017 – Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the previous month. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


Sherri Brown was recognized for a CST on March 2nd

Sherri recently started on a project in Oklahoma City and has already made a positive impact on the client. Sherri put together a very detailed hot work plan for saw cutting, which was accepted and complimented by the client site representative. This plan has also been shared with the rest of the team.

Good job Sherri, thanks for your hard work!


Vince Plank was recognized for a CST on March 8th

Vince received positive feedback from the client after his annual safety training presentation. The client said, “I’ve had a couple people tell me you did a great job presenting, so keep up the good work.”

Nice job Vince!


Ryan Dobbins was recognized for a CST on March 24th

The client was in a meeting discussing safety metrics for a particular contractor, and was unsure if the information being shared was accurate, he contacted Ryan for clarification. Ryan’s quick response was recognized by the client, “Thanks much for the info. I was in a meeting and someone said something about this which did not sound right to me and I needed this info before speaking up. Your prompt responses were excellent!”

Great job Ryan!


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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