Customer Service Triumphs – June 2016

smg_logoJuly 1, 2016 – Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the previous month. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


Jake Weldon, David Wright, and Jeff Coats were recognized for a CST on May 26th

Jake, David and Jeff were recognized for their actions, performance and professionalism by their client contact:

I want to take a minute to recognize the safety team that was in place at the time of our May 4th incident. The team’s performance worked like clockwork…professional, thorough and swift.

There were three individuals from SMG on site at the time and each played a very important role in the situation; Jake Weldon, David Wright and Jeff Coats.

Jake Weldon was the SMG safety lead at the time and immediately took control of the situation and put the SMG team in action.

Jake Weldon called me within minutes of the incident to advise the severity and that we did not require a 911 call. Immediately Jake began the Incident Reporting Process with a call to the Fort’s fire department. Jake ensured that all parties were notified and then began the task of generating the Incident Report. A draft was generated that afternoon and sent for review and ultimate formal submission.

David Wright and Jeff Coats administered first aid. Jake Weldon began transport of the injured person to the medical facility. David Wright began site cleanup and ensured that PPE was worn by all those involved in the cleanup and any bodily fluids were cleaned and properly disposed of via the base environmental protocol. Jeff Coats assisted in the cleanup and then when the medical facility determined that that the injury required more specialized treatment at a regional hospital, Jeff drove the person to the facility and remained with them and drove them back after they were released from the hospital.

All three of your team acted from their wealth of experience and ensured that the injured team member got the best of care and that we followed all of established protocols.


Vince Plank was recognized for a CST on June 9th

Jesse Brazzell and Ron Hanson received positive feedback for Vince Plank on a recent First Aid/CPR class he taught:

I attended our CPR/First Aid Class Tonight. Vince did a very good job teaching the class. He was very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to learn from.


John Knight was recognized for a CST on June 15th

John is being recognized for the support he’s provided to the client:

I had a project I wanted JK to assist me on. He performed the Task Analysis piece of the project in support of an Ergo/Engineering improvement. He clearly outline the tasks related to employee lifting multiple heavy 50# bags, worked with the vendors to get a better way to deliver these bags to offset high loads(>2000#), obtained vendor information on a new lifting device for the user to review and worked with the user to define best practice for lift machine and training. He used good thoughtfulness, shows creativeness to find a positive solution and helped offset contractor issues at the dock and vendor delivery. Well done.


Terrance Reese was recognized for a CST on June 16th

Terrance is being recognized for the support provided his client:

Terrance Reese provided very good safety oversight for the Generating Station during his months here. He was assigned oversight for certain projects but was more than willing to provide safety professional services to all of our daily activities. He improved several of our processes too, such as information pamphlets, contractor on-boarding check sheets for our system owners and implementation managers and signage. These are just a few of the improvements that Terrance was instrumental in initiating. Thanks to Terrance and you for providing quality health and safety services at our Generating Station.


Shannan Watt was recognized for a CST on June 30th

Shannan is being recognized for her responsiveness and support of our team members:

I want to thank you for all of your help since I’ve been here. It was great working with you and I learned pretty early that if I needed anything, you would always come through.


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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