Customer Service Triumphs — January, 2018

Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the month of January. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


Gary Martin was recognized for a CST on 1/2/18

Gary’s contributions providing safety oversight at a large automotive plant left a lasting impression with the Project Manager who said, “Gary always had his reports ready to submit, on time & correct. If hot work permits were needed, he had those ready and his safety reports reflected the true status of the work site and were never ‘mailed in’. His professionalism and willingness to step in where needed were very much appreciated. Thanks to you and SMG for providing an outstanding safety professional, for a project that was extremely challenging.”

Tremendous job Gary!


Joe Clady was recognized for a CST on 1/2/18

Joe just finished up on a $30 million high profile project through downtown Ft. Wayne, which included replacing a 1940’s double circuit 34.5kV transmission line with a new double circuit 138kV transmission line. This project had several unique challenges but Joe’s leadership, communication skills and partnership with the contractors played a major role in the success of the project.

Great job Joe!


Ryan Crowe was recognized for a CST on 1/5/18

Ryan has been providing safety oversight for a local hospital and while discussing an upcoming $80 million renovation project with the client, the Project Manager nominated Ryan to be the assigned safety oversight for the project. This request speaks volumes about the great work Ryan has been doing with that team.

Nice work Ryan!


Matt Davis was recognized for a CST on 1/21/18

Matt did an outstanding job providing safety support for a client who was contracted to install equipment and mezzanine steel in a new paint shop for an automotive company in Ohio. During this project, the client received a Safety Award of Excellence from the Contractor; a success they attributed to the efforts that Matt put forth on the project.

While attending the client’s annual company wide safety meeting, Matt was the only Safety Professional personally recognized for his contribution to the success of this project.

Join me in congratulating Matt Davis on another success!


Josh Swisher was recognized for a CST on 1/17/18

Josh continues to prove that no matter the subject, his training classes are a success! After instructing a First Aid/CPR class for a local electric company, the Project Administrator said, “We would like to extend a GIANT THANK YOU to you for your excellent class last night. Getting the entire group to interact with you was quite an accomplishment!! Very informative and very grateful to you for bringing the true-life situations that you brought to us last night. You have already encountered more experiences in your young life than most people will in their lifetime.”

Way to go Josh!


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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