Customer Service Triumphs – February, 2017

smg_logoMarch 2, 2017 – Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the previous month. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:


Jordan Hollingsworth, Jake Kemo, and Ryan Graft were recognized for a CST on February 1st

Randy Gieseking would like to recognize Jordan, Jake, and Ryan who have done a great job in providing excellent service to our client. They have represented Safety Management Group in a very professional manner, which has led to building new working relationships…

“Thank you for the great work! As you can see if we deliver excellent service for our client, it is noticed by others and creates additional opportunities and jobs for our new and existing team members!”


Josh Swisher and Rod Smith were recognized for a CST on February 6th

Josh and Rod did a great job teaching a forklift training and CPR class for one of our clients. They kept the employees entertained and engaged, the two did such a great job that the client has already scheduled another class for the rest of the company!

Join me on congratulating Josh and Rod on a great job!


Todd Teets was recognized for a CST on February 6th

Jesse Brazzell has nominated Todd for a CST for a job well done… “Todd was able to save the day by helping a local training firm make good on a scaffold training class that they originally provided to a large construction company. The customer wanted a more in-depth course than what was provided, but their instructor didn’t feel he was the right person for the job, so they came to us. Todd knocked it out of the park and now both the training firm and customer are happy! “

Nice work Todd!


Jennifer Jacobi was recognized for a CST on February 9th

Nate Hazelwood has nominated Jennifer for a CST after she displayed tenacity when it came to backfilling a position…

“Jennifer was faced with some serious adversity (initial placement resigning) while only being on the job a couple months, but she did not let that get her down. Jennifer stuck with it and located another qualified safety professional in a very difficult market, continuously communicated with the customer throughout the interviewing process and worked over last weekend to ensure the chosen candidate had all the information he needed to make a decision on the offer presented. The candidate has chosen to accept this offer over others.”

Great job Jennifer!


Sandy Wood was recognized for a CST on February 10th

Roy Chrisman has nominated Sandy for a CST…

”I just wanted to commend Sandy Wood on her professionalism and continued willingness to give 110% in just about everything she does. Sandy is new to SMG and not accustomed to the onslaught of acronyms that are common place in our world of Safety. Having to generate a 3hr NFPA 70E training program in a very short period of time, Sandy was instrumental in preparing the instructor guide and handouts on very short notice. Not only was she professional and thorough, she exudes a persona that is comforting, assuring and left our customer with a feeling that the training and associated documents would be completed to their liking in a timely manner. Thanks Sandy, I truly appreciate your work and so did the customer.”


Steve Jarvis was recognized for a CST on February 13th

Craig Clark has nominated Steve for a CST based on very positive feedback Steve received from the client CEO thanking him for his support of their team and project. Steve has been at this project for a little over two years, and this kind of positive impression with our clients is the reason we that we have sustained client relationships.

Join me in congratulating Steve on a job well done!


Richard Cravens was recognized for a CST on February 14th

Richard has been nominated for a CST for his exceptional safety work while supporting a client on a project in Washington, DC. Richard started as a quick fill in for safety support for a 2-week period back in November. Richard has been extended 2 separate times since his initial fill in. Richard’s great work has lead Safety Management Group to an agreement for future work.

The client Project Manager provided this feedback…” I appreciate your presence and contributions to the project. You make a significant impact and it does not go unnoticed.”

Thank you, Richard, for your hard work and dedication to safety on the job.


Congratulations to all Safety Management Group associates for all the valuable services and safety leadership they provide to their clients.

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