Customer Service Triumph – May 29, 2015

Clinton, Indiana – Chris Mitchell is recognizing Justin Haddon for a customer service triumph.

Justin has been providing services to his client full-time in Clinton. Chris recently received feedback from the maintenance manager at the site about Justin’s performance:

I was just in a project kick off meeting and it made me realize I had not sent any feedback on Justin Haddon recently.  The project kick off meeting was productive and had a lot of good discussion on the hazards of the project by everyone involved.  Justin does a nice job of getting people to engage in the discussion which leads to a positive outcome for everyone.  In a more general sense I have been impressed with how Justin has handled himself over the past couple of months with all we have thrown at him.  He has been a key resource for helping us resolve the issues and still managed to do his normal duties and requests that come it.  I have been impressed with the relationship he has built.  Based off discussions I have overheard and been involved with he is truly a resource for my organization.

This type of feedback is hard earned and reflects the safety leadership Justin has provided the employees and contractors at the site. Please join Chris in congratulating Justin on his successes and continued delivery of exemplary safety services.


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