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Safer ways to use rented equipment

Most contractors have a wide array of equipment. Some of it is used on nearly every job, while some pieces may be hauled out only occasionally for specific needs. Then there are those projects that call for something that used so rarely it doesn’t make sense to own one, or that are large enough that the need is bigger than …

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Creating Successful Project Safety Committees

One of the most familiar — and frustrating — aspects of life on most construction sites is the tendency of workers to participate in the strange contest called the blame game. Anyone who has been a supervisor on a site for any length of time is certain to have encountered this odd contest. Something goes wrong, and everyone in earshot …

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When fire breaks out on a worksite

Nobody goes to work expecting a fire to break out, except for professional firefighters. Yet many jobsites have products and processes that present an elevated risk for fires. Even common objects such as vehicles and gasoline-powered compressors can present fire hazards. Fires are always a surprise, and if workers (and jobsites) aren’t prepared, the results can be devastating in terms …

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The Hot Facts About Welding and Cutting Safety

It would stand to reason that a device that produces an intense flame or concentrated electric arc would be inherently dangerous. But welding and cutting equipment has become so familiar on many of today’s worksites that it’s easy to lose sight of the potential hazards. Safety professionals know that few things are more dangerous than complacency. When workers stop thinking …

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17th Annual Charity Golf Outing Benefits Riley Hospital for Children and The Hoosier Burn Camp

Indianapolis – On June 28, 2019, 220 golfers representing 52 companies converged at the Eagle Creek Golf Club in Indianapolis to participate in Safety Management Group’s 17th Annual Charity Golf Outing. Proceeds raised this year resulted in over $55,558.10 benefiting Riley Hospital for Children and $10,000.00 benefiting the Hoosier Burn Camp. As Indiana’s first and only comprehensive hospital dedicated exclusively …

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Keeping food from poisoning your workplace

While you may not think of food poisoning as a workplace hazard, an outbreak caused by contaminated foods or liquids can lead to a significant amount of lost time. Given that the effects of food poisoning often last for two or three days, a worker could easily miss a couple days as he or she recovers. For people with other …

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Protecting workers from radiation on the job

You may not be able to see radiation, but you’re probably aware that it can be deadly in high doses. Many people who came of age during the Cold War have a strong fear of nuclear weapons. And when a tsunami crippled Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant nearly a decade ago, leading to one of the largest accidental releases of …

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Working safely in and around storage tanks

Storage tanks of a variety of shapes and sizes can be found in all sorts of industries. While we typically associate storage tanks with refineries and other petrochemical-related facilities, you’ll see them at nearly every type of production facility. They may hold diesel fuel for a company’s vehicles, purified water for food processing, plastic pellets for injection molding, or chemicals …

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Respect the Power of Power Lines

It doesn’t matter whether you work in an urban, suburban, or rural setting. Look around, and you’ll see that electric power transmission lines are a familiar part of the landscape. From the wood poles that deliver service local customers, to the giant towers carrying high-voltage, high-tension conductors around the nation’s power grid, power lines also present a significant hazard to …

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Join our podcast Vine to Zero! with SMG’s President, Randy Gieseking and IMS President J. Douglas Boles.

It’s May in Indianapolis and that means one thing, the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500! The Vine to Zero is thrilled to have the president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Doug Boles, sit down and share in this electric and exciting time of year. Doug and Randy touch on the ever evolving safety of guests and drivers, the magnitude …

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