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Announcing VERO, Our Turnkey Contractor Safety Data Management System

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Protecting the safety of workers may sound like a simple concept, but managing a complex safety program is anything but simple. Fortunately, Safety Management Group has simplified the process for owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and safety professionals.

The company has released VERO, a turnkey contractor safety data management platform based on the system Safety Management Group has used to support its clients for many years. VERO is a proven system that integrates everything users need to manage and document their safety programs, including contractor prequalification, insurance certificate management, incident and injury reporting, work hour reporting, training records, document management, data analysis and trending, and more.

VERO began as a platform for automating the contractor prequalification process nearly 15 years ago. Over time, the Safety Management Group team developed additional modules to manage data and automate the collection and communication of key safety-related information. Eventually, the company created customized versions of its system for a handful of key clients. Their success and satisfaction with the system led to the development of VERO, a version for use by project owners, contractors, and other organizations that want to streamline management of their safety programs.

Two key differences between VERO and other safety data management systems are its flexibility and its ability to be customized to integrate with a company’s other technology. After all, no two workplaces, hazards, and safety programs are the same. Instead of creating a single approach and expecting users to conform, the Safety Management Group team adopted a strategy of understanding the widely varying needs and processes of users and structuring VERO to adapt to the users’ needs and situations.

Companies can use VERO as a comprehensive tool that manages every aspect of their safety process, or they can choose to use the platform to handle only parts of the process, such as contractor prequalification or document management. If the company subsequently develops a need for additional capabilities, those modules can be activated quickly and easily.

VERO’s appearance can be customized to match the company’s graphic standards and similar preferences. Contractors and others who log into VERO will have no idea that the platform has been developed or managed by a third party. Reporting can be customized to match internal preferences. As an example, if company management prefers to receive reports as Excel spreadsheets, VERO can output those.

While VERO manages a long list of complex tasks and data, the platform is remarkably easy to use. Customized dashboards provide fast access to the information that’s most important to the user. Interfaces for contractors and other vendors are also easy to use, ensuring compliance and minimizing complaints. The platform is highly secure and compartmentalized, so users will only be able to see information they’re authorized to view.

Other helpful capabilities include an email notification system that allows companies to send messages and documents to contractors and other vendors and verify that they received them. The email system can be used in conjunction with a document library, training videos, and other tools.

Another key advantage of VERO is that technical support is provided by Safety Management Group’s safety professionals, instead of someone at a call center. Those professionals have extensive experience at managing safety programs and using the platform, so they understand what VERO’s users need to accomplish and speak in familiar language.

Finally, VERO is a remarkably affordable system that’s available through a subscription model. Companies can have the platform up and running quickly at a monthly subscription that’s a fraction of what other safety platforms charge.

To learn more about VERO or schedule a free, no-obligation demo, visit or call Safety Management Group at 800-435-8850.