SMG recognizes the SMG Power Team

SMG would like to recognize our team, the SMG Power Team, supporting one of our utility clients.

SMG Power Team – Power is for energy (electricity).

  • This team pumped our internal culture by sharing wins, recognitions, and stories regarding our Core Values and awarded 49 impressions to team members.
  • They stayed engaged as a team with virtual Happy Hours and virtual lunches.
  • The team promoted two Safety Advisors to Lead Safety Advisors.
  • They awarded three Safety Advisors with Milestone Awards for achieving 1,000 client observation reports.
  • This team had two advisors recognized as Safe Drivers among more than 75 drivers in our fleet: one as 2019 Safe Driver of the Year and one as Safe Driver for Q1 2020.
  • They hosted a couple of contests where Advisors were awarded SMG hats for submitting photos of COVID-19 Best Practices.

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