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COVID-19 Field Measures Safety Bulletin

Two of our Core Values are Do What You Say You are Going To and Commitment to Associates. Taking care of our associates is at the center of everything we do, and as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our communities, we want to share this recommended information to help keep our teammates, our clients, and our communities safe. HANDS …

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When OSHA Knocks

Les Prudent was sitting at his desk on a Monday morning, savoring a cup of coffee and reflecting on his solar farm transformer company’s crazy year of growth. From four people three years ago, the company now employs 112. A friend from a local business group recently suggested Les hire a full-time safety coordinator, but he’s been comfortable handling those …

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Providing Protection around Robotic Devices

You’ve probably seen it many times in science fiction movies: a robot goes berserk and wreaks havoc on its human masters. While real life is not quite that dramatic, and today’s industrial robots may not be as amazing as their counterparts from the movies, those robots are quite capable of causing injuries and damage. Robotic devices have become a fixture …

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