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4 Steps to Spill Response

Like fire, chemicals are very useful for a broad variety of functions. But just like fire, many chemicals are inherently hazardous or even deadly when they’re not used in a properly controlled manner, or when accidents occur. That’s an important fact to remember, because chemicals are used to some degree at nearly every workplace from industrial plants, to laboratories, to …

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importance of cleanliness

Coming clean about eyewash stations

People in a wide range of industrial and scientific settings handle corrosive and other potentially hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. From solutions used in industrial processes to basic cleaning solutions, these chemicals serve important roles in performing a wide variety of tasks. Recognizing the potential danger, most workers treat these chemicals with the respect they deserve, and accidents are …

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Customer Service Triumphs – August 2018

Several Safety Management Group associates were recognized for customer service triumphs during the month of August. Here’s a recap of the associates and the actions they undertook to receive tremendous feedback from their clients:   Fred Etue was recognized for a CST on August 2nd… While working at a plant project in Georgia, Fred has made a great impression with …

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