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Properly Computing Fall Distance: It’s Easy and It’s Important

By Doug Schumann Lead Advisor Fall protection devices such as shock-absorbing lanyards prevent an untold number of injuries and deaths on jobsites each year. However, a worker who doesn’t use the devices correctly will perform tasks with a false sense of security. Lanyards must be connected to anchorage points that provide enough height to accommodate the distance a worker may fall. …

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Spotters: A Critical Element of Site Safety

By Jordan Hollingsworth, CHST, CSP, CUSP Lead Advisor Reprinted from Incident Prevention Magazine (link) Many OSHA regulations call for someone on the job site to make sure that people, equipment and the site don’t come together in the wrong way. Generally known as a “spotter,” this person provides guidance so people don’t get hurt and things don’t get damaged. However, …

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Safer Woodworking is Rooted in Knowledge

Carpentry is one of the oldest and most enduring skills known to man. Many of the most rudimentary tools made by prehistoric people were intended for cutting and shaping wood. That’s no surprise, given wood’s abundance and versatility, as well as properties such as light weight, structural strength, and even the ability to float. While most of today’s large structures …

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Customer Service Triumph – November 13, 2015

Indianapolis – Nate Hazlewood is being recognized for a customer service triumph. Nate joined Safety Management Group in May and has served as the company’s Talent Acquisition Manager and undertaking efforts to identify and hire safety professionals for the company. Nate has performed spectacularly for the company and it’s no surprise that he’s receiving tremendous feedback from a recent new …

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SMG Associate Named Indiana Chamber Volunteer of the Year

(INDIANAPOLIS) — Safety Management Group’s Vince Plank has been named by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as a 2015 Volunteer of the Year. Plank was recognized at a mid-day luncheon at the Indiana Convention Center on November 4 and received recognition in the November issue of “Biz Voice”, the official magazine of the Indiana Chamber (click here). Congratulations to Vince …

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MIOSHA Launches Local Emphasis Program to Reduce Injuries and Illnesses

October 1, 2015 – Effective today, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) is launching a Local Emphasis Program (LEP) to target the siding contractors, structural steel and pre-cast concrete construction sectors and improve overall workplace safety and health. MIOSHA is part of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) The LEP was developed in response to an …

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SAFETY MANAGEMENT GROUP 401(K) PLAN ERISA Section 404(c) Information

Fee Disclosure 05/09/2015 Contract/Plan Id Number 6-11484 This document uses these defined words and phrases: Plan means SAFETY MANAGEMENT GROUP 401(K) PLAN. Plan Fiduciary means the individual(s) holding authority over the operation and administration of the Plan and its retirement funds. The Plan Sponsor is the Plan Fiduciary. Contact the Plan Administrator for further details. Plan Sponsor means SAFETY MANAGEMENT …

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