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The Dangers of Hot Work

Here’s an informative video from the US Chemical Safety Board featuring key lessons to prevent flammable vapor explosions caused by welding and cutting. 

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Don’t Let Power Lines Overpower You

By Safety Management Group We’re surrounded by so many of them that we tend to take them for granted. In fact, we tend not to notice them, looking right through them at whatever we want to see. It seems that the only times we’re aware that they exist is when they fail — or when we fail to give them …

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Fires Prompt Dehumidifier Recall Reannouncement from LG Electronics

WASHINGTON, D.C. – LG Electronics Tianjin Appliance Co., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is urging consumers to check if they have recalled Goldstar or Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers. The firm is re-announcing the recall of about 98,000 of the dangerous dehumidifiers that pose a serious fire and burn hazard, and are believed to be responsible for more …

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Safety At Work

A funny video that reminds us all to keep our hats on at the construction site! Or this could happen

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Staying Alert About Fatigue

By Safety Management Group Earlier this year, an airline pilot was making the familiar approach to Washington’s National Airport. As always, the approach controller handed him off to the airport’s tower controller. While the plane continued to descend, the pilot radioed his position to the tower, and waited for a reply. He didn’t receive one, so he tried again. And …

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The Hot Facts About Welding and Cutting Safety

By Safety Management Group It would stand to reason that a device that produces an intense flame or concentrated electric arc would be inherently dangerous. But welding and cutting equipment has become so familiar on many of today’s worksites that it’s easy to lose sight of the potential hazards. Safety professionals know that few things are more dangerous than complacency. When …

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